Amir Khatibzadeh Senior Software Developer
Amir Khatibzadeh, Senior Software Developer

If I want to describe myself in only ONE word, it would be Amir Khatibzadeh, the “Developer.”

There are more briefing words like Solution Developer, Software Developer, … even  Architect, but I would be delighted to be named a Developer.

Over fifteen years of academic and work experience in Computer Science and Software Engineering, Research, Software Design and Development. Highly self-motivated in researching and discovering new technologies and areas of knowledge. Remarkably skilled in scalable and enterprise software architecture design and development. Outstanding knowledge of development technologies and teamwork skills demonstrated by various successful enterprise solutions in the past years.

My Top in mind projects

  • Gaze tracking Software for ALS patients to help them communicate.
  • Mobile Payment System by operator carrier billing
  • Mobile Operators VAS (Value Added Service) engine with over 25,000 transactions per second and over 40 million records per day processing and analysis
  • Core-Banking framework (BANCO©) development. 
    • Client-Side implemented with C# that only needs models; UI elements generated automatically via defined and configured models.
    • Server-side implemented in Java and Oracle as DBMS.
    • SOA-based system.
  • Designed and Developed new financial modules. Like Funds Transfer, Organization’s Fundamental
  • Designed and Developed a new fundamental module. Like Report Generator, Data History Management

Computer Skills


  • C#, Java
  • Android development, ASP.Net MVC, C++
  • Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB


  • OOP, Design Patterns, SOA, N¬-Tier Application Design/Programming
  • IoC containers: Spring Framework, Spring.Net, MEF, EJB
  • ORMs: NHibernate, EF, Dapper, myBatis, Hibernate
  • Loggers: log4j, log4net, logstash
  • WCF, Generics, Reflection, LINQ, Lambda Expression, WPF, JQuery, JS, AJAX


  • SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Service), TFS, SVN, Jira, ClickOnce
  • Agile Development, RUP, Scrum XP